5 Modern Agate Wall Art Pieces for your Home

Looking for new ways to decorate your walls? When you have a blank canvas to work with, you can truly transform a house into a home! Want to pull off those ultra-luxe contemporary looks you've seen in magazines or on television? There are many pieces that could complete the look, but we recommend agate wall art for your home as a start. Whether you're an art collector, a nature lover, or a bookworm... here are some modern agate wall art pieces that you and admirers will adore!

What is Agate Wall Art?

Blue Agate Stone

Photo credit: ABC Stone

First, we must understand its origins. Pronounced (ah-get) the word agate is an ancient stone with many uses that date back to the days before written language. It's a beautiful ornamental stone that has been prized for generations. It's typically banded in appearance, though some types have more distinct abstract colors. Hence why art imitates life. Agate wall art simulates the mineral yet on framed or unframed canvas. Having a piece on your wall that features unique patterns and color schemes can make any room pop!

Choosing Wall Art based on your Personal Taste

You shouldn't have to compromise when it comes to selecting art, even if it's normal to do so. Treat the decision process for your walls as if you were picking out a sofa, dining table, or bed. To alter a room, look for a piece of wall art that does just that.

Why not focus on style, which is what most people consider when making interior design decisions.  You'll want to consider your home's existing style and point of view before making a purchase of wall art.

Choose thoughtfully when it comes to the wall art you hang in your home, whether it's modern, traditional, coastal chic, or simple Scandi. If you know where (and how) to look, there's something for everyone.

Consider the atmosphere you want to create in your home and look for artwork that represents that. Isn't it nice to imagine you're on a tropical island when you're actually in the center of a hectic city? Your design choices are more likely to make you feel at ease than energized. Reflect this in your art to connect the dots.

Choosing Wall Art based on Color

This is a typical strategy for selecting wall art- finding pieces that match your home's current color scheme. As long as you don't mind if your art purchases don't exactly match your personal style, this is a terrific starting point for finding something you'll adore and fit perfectly into your home.

The usage of accent colors is one of the most common ways to select wall art by color. Choosing a color or two from the room's decor will help you choose the artwork. As a result, a unified, intelligent, and up-to-date outcome is achieved. Use these colors in a variety of hues and tones to create depth without deviating too far from your current color range.

Choosing Wall Art based on Theme

We've all heard about various interior design styles and possibly have one in mind that best suits our own home's needs. However, these also have a significant impact on every interior decision you make, including the selection of wall art, because they provide a distinct theme. As the most significant aspect when shopping for a piece of new furniture, the theme of your home defines which pieces suit and which ones stand out like a sore thumb.

Now that we know which factors to consider when choosing the wall art for your home. We just need a place where we can browse wall art and actually buy them. But isn’t this too much work? Well, NO! You can't go wrong if you source and select your new art based on color, theme & style. If you think about your home, you can definitely think of a few pieces of art that are representative of that style.

With The Home Decor Lounge's diverse wall art collection, value for the money, and premium quality- you can’t possibly go wrong. Check out these 5 modern agate wall art pieces for your home...

Black Rose Night Agate Wall Art

Black Rose Night Agate Wall Art

Bring your wall décor to life with this chic print! This abstract myriad of bronze, silver, and marble white will complete any contemporary home or office design. It's framed inside a modern white wooden shadowbox frame and the print is protected behind shatter-proof Plexiglass. The artwork makes the stone look like it's floating on your walls. Interested in this piece? Get it here.

RawGeo Adore Contemporary Agate Wall Art

RawGeo Adore Contemporary Agate Wall Art

This captivating piece will add a touch of sophistication to any space. Looking for contrast in bright rooms? Then you've found it. However, if your thematic shares dark tones, this will explore an oxymoron to seamlessly stand out! The abstract agate color tones give off the vibes that this stone was birthed in a volcanic gold mine. This fine print features fade-resistant ink on museum-quality canvas hand-stretched and gallery wrapped onto a sustainable real wood frame. Interested in this piece? Grab it here.

Marianna Luxe Wall Art

Marianna Luxe Wall Art

Marianna stays true to a natural agate ornament. It resembles jewelry or an agate slice used for decorative coasters or candle holders. Bring unique flair to any room or office space with this artwork. This print is textured and enclosed in sleek black framing. Interested in this piece? Purchase it here.

Silver Gold Agate Wall Art

Silver Gold Agate Wall Art

This silver and gold agate piece can make a staple centerpiece in the living room. If you have been seeking the perfect abstract artwork everywhere, search no more as you've found it. It has style, it has class, and it's ultramodern. Interested in this piece? It's in stock here.

Blue Sky Wall Canvas - Contemporary Agate Wall Art

Blue Sky Wall Canvas - Contemporary Agate Wall Art

Imagine a clear night sky on a beach with calm yet crashing waters. This piece resembles that magnificent horizon scenery. It's accented with gold and white strips along the center to create a beautiful contrast. Hang this artwork in any room for increased aesthetics. This piece features a thin ultra-modern golden frame. Interested in this piece? Buy it here.

These are just a handful of great wall art pieces to add color, style, and a contemporary personality to your home or office decor. Looking for a specific color combination? Drop us a line.